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Sales & Bond Release

At SettleLand, LLC, our goal is to ensure that the development of your property matches your vision. We provide a full range of land development services including land search, permit processing and approvals, rezoning, planning and engineering, feasibility studies, development management, and bond release.

Stan Settle, the owner of SettleLand, has over 33 years of property development experience in the Northern Virginia and DC Metro region, and has been involved in more than $1 billion in real estate transactions throughout his career. His familiarity with the area’s communities, regulations and local governments will help your project to clear hurdles, navigate challenges, and move forward.

SettleLand & Realty LLC specializes in the sale of both raw and developed land. Stan offers unique expertise that most other real estate companies cannot offer: Experience.

Stan has personally rezoned, planned, engineered, obtained permits, secured governmental approvals, prepared detailed cost estimates and budgets, executed development contracts and actually developed property. Stan understands what the process entails, the cost involved, realistic time frames, expectations of the end user and the needs of buyers. Let SettleLand help evaluate the best use of your property while maximizing its value.

Selling is a complicated transaction and it is imperative that you work with someone who has a thorough knowledge of it! This advantage will help minimize your risk and maximize your profit potential. SettleLand would welcome the opportunity to assist you throughout your transaction. Stan’s in-depth understanding of buying and selling land will help regardless of timeframe or transaction complexity.

Whether you are searching for property that fits your project needs or working through local regulations, Stan’s expertise in the region will assist you to maximize the return on your investment.

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